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The ultimate racing cockpit. For professionals, by professionals.
Highly adjustable, improved sensations, Experience racing like never before.

  • Specifications:

    Upgradeable to the T7 Pro
    Equipped with 4 PROSIMU® PRS200™ actuators
    X1 Dyadic actuator for loss of grip / yaw
    4-axis movement and a stroke of 100 mm
    Adjustable & Transportable

  • Specifications:

    Powered by seven ProSimu PRS 200 actuators
    6 DOF: Heave/Surge/Sway/Yaw/Roll/Pitch
    2 Effectsa: oversteer and understeer simulation (or front and rear traction loss)
    44 movements/sec (road texture effect – vibrations)
    Max speed: constant 280mm/s and 2G

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