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OverPower Top Monitor Mount



Increase your situational awareness in a racing environment by adding a monitor on top of your main monitor. Place critical race telemetry, stream chat and other useful data to be available at a glance to support your racing performance.

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OverPower Top Monitor Mount

How many times have you asked yourself while racing:

  • How much fuel is left?
  • Is the fuel enough to finish?
  • What lap times is the guy in front of me doing?
  • Is the driver behind catching me?
  • What are my viewers discussing in the stream chat?

Asking and wondering these questions makes you lose focus on driving, making you prone to make mistakes and losing critical time on track. Having the information available at a glance when you need it, frees your capacity to focus on the actual racing thus making you perform better on track. That’s what the OP Top Monitor Mount is for!


With so many different gaming monitors available with lots of variation in size and curvature, it could be difficult to find the most comfortable and ergonomic alignment for the monitors on top of one another. And for the top monitor ergonomics, it is extremely important to have the monitor aligned towards your eyes and as close to the monitor below, as you want to be quick and precise on changing the focus from the main monitors to the top, and back.

During the development of the OP Top Monitor Mount, our focus was on creating the perfect adjustability for the mount, because the most important feature of the information screen is to be available for you easily and quickly. We created a 4-axis adjustment system, which allows you to adjust the top monitor’s placement in height, distance and two-way tilt. With this, the OP Top Monitor Mount allows you to align the information screen right there where you want and need it to be.


Not only the superior adjustability was enough for us, as we wanted to make sure that all the adjustments and fine-tuning what drivers do, can be done with ease. This meant that we assigned each adjustable axis to their own slots, making sure that the tinkering of the monitor position was easy for everyone.

The main material of the mount is 12mm thick high-pressure laminate, which is a highly durable, inflammable, stract-resistant material. The HPL has been in a key role for the OP products, which we want to cherish and further develop. The HPL components of OP products are designed, manufactured and packed with high precision at Overpower’s own HQ & factory located in Rovaniemi. The HPL components are finished by hand by the local sim racers, and with the great features of the HPL it allows friction-free adjustability in all the adjustment slots available.


Our vision is that adding an information screen for racing and streaming purposes makes racers’ lives much easier. We wanted to make sure that all sim racers have the ability to increase their performance in an inexpensive and easy way, thus we created a universal mounting system. The OP Top Monitor Mount is compatible with all monitor mounts with 30- and 40-series aluminium profiles as a horizontal bar, including the OP Single- and Triple Monitor Mounts.

The included VESA mount is compatible with all monitors with VESA100- & VESA75 mounting. The cabling shall not be an issue with the OP Top Monitor Mount, as the mounting system has been designed to be small and thus compatible with all sorts of monitors with different cable mounting systems.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg




  • 12mm High Pressure Laminate
  • Aluminium corner brackets
  • Full aluminium hand levers, bolts, spacers and nuts


  • Height: 17 cm
  • Distance: 20 cm
  • Tilt: 60 degrees
  • VESA-position: 6 cm

Additional Information


  • OP Top Monitor Mount
  • VESA-mount with adjustment hand levers
  • Corner brackets and slide-in T-nuts for easy mounting
  • M4x18 screws for monitor mounting


We offer a full manufacturer’s warranty for two (2) years.


OP Single Monitor Mount
OP Triple Monitor Mount
All aluminium profile monitor stands with 30- & 40-series profile as the horizontal bar, including 3030-, 3060-, 3090-, 4040-, 4080- and 40120-series horizontal bars.

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