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OverPower Golden White Bundle



All in one special bundle with eye-catching graphics


Please contact us for lead time


OP Golden White Bundle

Do you want to update the simulator platform at once? Looking for the world’s most ergonomic riding sim rig, with which you can drive endurance races without straining your lower back? The purchase of a simulator screams household approval, but the feng shui of the living room must remain in top condition. Look no further friend, OP Golden White Bundle is a top-level driving simulator platform that contains everything you need and a little more in one package!

Bye bye back pain, back pain goodbye

Have you ever been in a situation where your lower back, shoulders or legs have hurt, e.g. in office work or while driving on the current driving simulator platform? If acute pain strikes, it requires double effort from you to be able to focus on whatever you are doing. Drivers want to spend time in their driving simulators as much as possible, up to tens of hours a week. We wanted to create an ergonomic driving platform with seats that significantly increase the enjoyment of driving and give you the capacity to focus on the most important thing, i.e. racing.

An interior design element developed by an artisan

We wanted to create a driving simulator platform that fully serves drivers. As digital motorsport fanatics with a racing background, we of course put performance at the top, but we consider aesthetics equally important. The eye-catching design enables completely new possibilities in households and business premises. The artisan-grade design of OP Golden White Bundle is a shockingly handsome whole that can be placed for everyone to see.

OP-level accessories included

In addition to the rig, a complete driving simulator also requires a steering wheel, pedals, screen and gaming platform. They must be adjustable in such a way that you get the most out of the equipment and that their operation is easy. We added the most popular add-ons to the OP Golden White Bundle, so you can bang pole times easily! With the OP Monitor Mount Lite, you can place a gaming monitor up to 49″ at the distance, angle and height that your eyes require. You can place your PC or console on the OP Gaming Platform, and conveniently pull all the wiring into the OP Cable Box to keep the package tidy.

And that’s not all, the distance of the pedals is also electronically adjustable in this package, which allows you to fine-tune the distance of the pedals to the optimum with the press of a button. Or were friends coming for a ride? Well, don’t worry, press the button and watch as your friends dodge trees in Ouninpohja!

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 195 × 60 × 130 cm



  • Made in Finland
  • OP Frontal Assembly’s cross-support offers a sturdy platform for precise FFB
  • OP Formula Seat is an ergonomic masterpiece
  • Complete the package with OP accessories
  • Full support for the major sim racing peripherals
  • Premium Materials
    • 12/15mm High-Pressure Laminate
    • 3030/3060/3090 aluminium extrusion profiles
  • Four different colour variations
  • Designed and tested for and with a DD and a 65kg load cell pedal set for future-proof performance
  • Highly adjustable pedal position with tilt, height and distance adjustability
  • Tilt, height and distance adjustable steering rack
  • Artisan-grade aesthetics



  • Thigh angle: 4,5 degrees (15mm adjustment slot)
  • Backrest angle: 8 degrees
  • Lumbar support: 50mm

Steering rack

  • Distance: 22,5cm
  • Height:11cm
  • Angle: 38 degrees

Pedal rack

  • Distance: 40cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Angle: 50 degrees

Monitor mount

  • Distance: 46 cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Angle: 7 degrees

Additional Information


  • OP Formula Lite
  • OP Monitor Mount Lite
  • OP Gaming Platform Tray with Cable Box
  • OP Electric Pedal Adjuster
  • OP Golden White Special Graphics attached to the rig


Length: 195 cm
Width: 60 cm
Height: 130 cm (top of the seat)


We offer a full manufacturer’s warranty for two (2) years.



  • Logitech
    • G29/G920/G27/G25
    • Driving Force GT
  • Thrustmaster
    • T500RS
    • TS-PC
    • TS-XW
    • T300
    • T-GT
    • T150/T150 Pro
    • TX
    • T80
    • Ferrari 458 Spider
  • Fanatec
    • CSL Elite Series
    • ClubSport Series
    • Podium DD1
  • Granite Devices
    • Simucube 2 Sport
  • MiGE etc. DD wheelbases (With optional adapter)
  • Simagic
    • Alpha Mini
    • Alpha U
    • Alpha


  • Heusinkveld
    • Pro
    • Sprint
  • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals (V1/2/3/3i)
  • Fanatec Elite Pedals (& Load Cell Kit)
  • Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
  • Thrustmaster
    • T3PA
    • T3PA Pro
    • TX Pedals
    • T-LCM
  • Logitech G27/G29 pedals

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