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MOZA Racing RS Steering Wheel Round Leather


MOZA Racing RS Steering Wheel Round Leather

Dream racing at your fingertips


  • Leather
  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Magnetic Shifter Paddles
  • Customized Quick Release

Please note: Moza wheels are only compatible with Moza Racing Direct Drive units.

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MOZA Racing RS Steering Wheel Round Leather

Dream racing at your fingertips


Two Grip Material Options
Alcantara & Leather
Sometimes aesthetics are just as important as force feedback! For a luxury supercar feel, enjoy imported Alcantara, or for the hardened sim-racing veteran, Nappa’s fine grain leather is sturdy and will never let you down.

Forged Carbon Fiber Magnetic Shifter
Both the steering wheel panel and the shifters are made of durable, high-quality carbon fibre. Enjoy fast, responsive and satisfying gear shifts with our magnetic shifter design.

Advanced Programmable Buttons and Knobs
In the heat of battle? Manage in-car adjustments, pit strategies or complex menu navigations with ease. 15 programmable buttons, 2 joysticks and 20-segment dials make any task a breeze. Even when using gloves, buttons give a satisfying click to ensure every choice is intentional.

Customized Race Grade Quick Release
The RS utilizes a quick release system derived from real race cars, ensuring wheel changes can take place in mere seconds. It’s also highly durable, ensuring no wiggle or flex, and a secure connection.

Photoelectric Magnetic Shifter Paddles
All four paddles on the RS utilize photo-electromagnetic sensors. This non-contact technology means zero mechanical faults, and a high level of consistency when shifting or using the configurable double-clutch paddles.

RGB Continuous Flow RPM and Shift Light
Evolving from simple LEDs, the RS features a full LED strip with 256 RGB colour support. Full customization is supported through MOZA’s Pit House Suite.

MOZA Invisible Connect Wireless Technology
MOZA’s wheels employ wireless transmission technology, avoiding connection failures or power supply issues.

Ergonomic Design
Designed with accessibility and comfort in mind, the RS is fit for any situation and is designed with the same principles used in the automotive industry, ensuring an ergonomic experience for all drivers.

Please note: Moza wheels are only compatible with Moza Racing Direct Drive units.

Trusted and Handled by Experienced Drivers
MOZA prides itself on developing cutting-edge sim racing products that will go the distance. With extensive consultation from professional racing engineers, drivers, and sim-racers throughout the R&D process, we are confident our products deliver a high-quality sim racing experience.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 364 × 415.1 × 256.5 cm


Wheel Materials –  Nappa Leather
Frame Material – Brushed Aluminum Alloy
Panel Material – Forged Carbon Fiber
Housing Material – Aluminum Alloy
Paddles Material – 3.5mm Thick Forged Carbon Fiber
Size – 13 inches
Magnetic Paddles Quantity – 4
Mechanical Keys – 10
20-Segment Dials – 2
Universal Joysticks – 2
Racing Horn – 1
LED Count (RGB Strip) – 10
LED Color – Full Color Customization
Smart Telemetry – Supported
MOZA Pit House Light Configuration – Supported
Release Method – Quick Release
Power Supply – Wireless
Signal Transmission – Wireless
Shifter Sensor – Photoelectric Contactless
Magnetic Paddles Mode – Dual-clutch/Single-Clutch/Switch

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